A humble introduction...

Welcome to my introductory blog post. This will be all about my passion for photography. This will usually be in the context of the places and events that my wife, Vickie and I enjoy.


Huntington Beach sunset

Huntington Beach sunset

I will be sharing my thoughts about photography, of course, but also on my experiences concerning creating a web site, learning the blog and getting started in the photography business. And lots of travel stuff. Reviews, critiques... I have lots of opinions.

I get out to shoot as often as possible so I will be sharing some photos and all of the details concerning how and where they were taken.


About photography...

at present, I am enjoying all types of photography. I love landscapes, waterfalls and sunsets. But I also get a kick out of macro, animals and historical sites.

I really enjoy HDR. I will be sharing my journey as I get HDR figured out. It seems to be an evolving art form. 


Church interiors and HDR. a marriage made in heaven.

I have been shooting seriously about 2 years although I have always been the one with a camera whenever we went anywhere. I can't pass by a flower bed without getting the itch.

Learning has been interesting. Thanks to You Tube, there are a million people that you can learn from.  My very favorites have been Scott Kelby, Gavin Hoey, Bryan Peterson, Mike and Browne.

Jeff Cable has the best blog. The B&H channel on YouTube is the holy grail for great videos.

Enough for now. I will be sharing as we go along.